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Published on June 15, 2024
Bodycam Footage Shows Response to Fatal Alligator Attack in Largo, FloridaSource: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

The tragic aftermath of a fatal alligator attack in Largo, Florida was captured by body camera footage released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), showing emergency responders and FWC officers dealing with the situation that claimed the life of 41-year-old Sabrina Peckham. According to FOX 13, the video detailed the somber moments as officers located and killed the threatening alligator.

View the video here on FOX 13

Peckham, who was transient and living at a campsite near the canal was attacked in September of the previous year. "Watch them, watch them," a voice is heard on the bodycam footage from the scene before an officer shoots the alligator, as reported by the Daily Mail. A bystander had initially noticed the reptile with what appeared to be a body, prompting the call to law enforcement. FWC officers subsequently confirmed and handled the grim discovery.

A passerby, Jamarcus Bullard, was the first to report the gruesome sight, saying to The Independent, "I noticed it had a body in its mouth, like a lower torso, so once I saw that, I ran straight to the fire department and got them, they confirmed it was a body." The identification of Peckham was made through an ID found at the nearby campsite.

The attack occurred near McKay Creek, an area previously linked to a fatal incident in 2022 when an alligator killed a man diving in nearby Taylor Lake. Current measures to prevent such incidents include fencing and signage around the area; however, encounters of this nature remain rare in Pinellas County, with only three reported fatalities since the 1970s, the last of which included Peckham, as reported by The Independent.

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