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Published on June 18, 2024
Boston in Digital Distress: City Rallies with Blue Lights and Fire Boxes Amid 911 OutageSource: Unsplash/ Annie Spratt

Residents across the state found themselves in a precarious situation today as the 9-11 emergency response system faced a statewide outage. In a time when every second counts, the usual reliance on the immediacy of digital calls for help has been starkly undercut by this sudden technology failure.

The City of Boston has been quick to respond with interim measures. In a statement available on the official Boston Police website, residents in need of emergency assistance are advised to pull a Fire Box, an older but still reliable method of alerting emergency services. Additionally, for those seeking assistance, contact numbers for local Boston Police District stations have been made readily available.

Enhancing their visibility in these trying times, Boston Police officers are now patrolling the streets with their blue lights activated, serving as a beacon to anyone who might need immediate help. The police affirm their presence as a pillar, providing reassurance in the absence of the technological sentinels we have come to depend upon. "Please approach an officer if you need assistance," according to the BPD announcement.

The phone numbers for the respective police districts are: Downtown A-1: (617) 343-4240, Charlestown A-15: (617) 343-4888, East Boston A-7: (617) 343-4220, Roxbury B-2: (617) 343-4270, Mattapan B-3: (617) 343-4700, South Boston C-6: (617) 343-4730, Dorchester C-11: (617) 343-4330, South End D-4: (617) 343-4250, Allston/Brighton D-14: (617) 103-4260, Roslindale/West Roxbury E-5: (617) 343-4560, and Jamaica Plain E-13: (617) 343-5630. These lines serve as an alternate solution until the system can be restored to full functionality.