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Published on June 12, 2024
Boston Police Arrest 20-Year-Old Savon Barbosa on Weapons Charges Amid Firearm Investigation in Hyde ParkSource: Boston Police Department

On a recent Tuesday evening, Boston Police apprehended a young man on weapons charges. The arrest, as part of an ongoing firearm investigation, occurred in Hyde Park, highlighting the continued challenges of gun control in the city. Savon Barbosa, 20, was taken into custody by members of the Youth Violence Strike Force.

The arrest unfolded just after 8:00 PM, near 488 Cummins Highway, where officers were on the lookout for individuals in possession of firearms. A vehicle, with four people seated in the back without seatbelts, caught the officers' attention. An additional infraction, a faulty license plate light, provided just cause to stop and thoroughly investigate the vehicle.

The officers, upon stopping the vehicle, discovered that the driver lacked a valid driver's license and identified a partially empty bottle of tequila. As it turned out, of the four passengers, just one was of legal drinking age. The situation escalated when officers, citing policy, requested the occupants exit the car for a pat frisk.

What followed was a discovery significant enough to warrant an arrest. Inside the vehicle, a Glock 19 with an attached laser sight was found, featuring one round chambered and a magazine filled with thirty-two rounds. The serial number investigation revealed the gun to be stolen from Maine. Savon Barbosa now faces multiple charges and will appear in West Roxbury District Court.

According to a statement by the Boston Police Department, Barbosa is being charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, ammunition, a large capacity feeding device, and receiving stolen property.