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Published on June 21, 2024
Carrollton Emergency Management Specialist Honored with Regional Service Excellence AwardSource: Carrollton Police Department

Carrollton's own Addison Holmes, a dedicated Emergency Management Specialist, has recently been recognized for their outstanding commitment and service. The North Central Texas Council of Governments honored Holmes with the prestigious Regional Service Excellence Award, a nod to their exceptional work in the field of emergency management.

Often working behind the scenes but at the frontline of crisis management, the crucial role played by Holmes in ensuring public safety and preparedness has now been brought to light. The accolade, which was detailed in an announcement by the Carrollton Texas Police Department, not only cements Holmes' reputation among peers but also underscores the integral work emergency specialists execute, often under immense pressure and with little fanfare.

The efforts of Addison Holmes, as celebrated on June 20th by their peers and superiors alike, mirror a broader commitment ingrained in individuals who steward the wellbeing of their communities. The award serves as a commendation for tireless devotion, an illustration that diligent efforts do not go unnoticed. The City of Carrollton expressed pride in Holmes' achievement and extended gratitude for their hard work, stating, "Thank you, Addison, for all of your hard work and congratulations!"

Recognition such as the Regional Service Excellence Award brings to the fore the importance of effective emergency management and the individuals who dedicate their careers to this crucial sector. Holmes' achievement, commemorated by the community they serve, is a powerful testament to the fact that success is not solely measured in accolades, but also in the countless crises mitigated and managed that the public may never see.