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Published on June 13, 2024
Carrollton Joins Innovative 4 Minute City™ Program to Enhance Cardiac Response TimesSource: City of Carrollton, Texas

In a pioneering step for Texas cities, Carrollton has swiftly embraced the role of a trailblazer by integrating itself into the 4 Minute City™ Program. This trailblazing status was marked when Carrollton City Council decisively passed a resolution on December 6, partnering with Avive Solutions, Inc., according to the City of Carrollton, Texas. The ambitious initiative effectively equips community members with the education and tools to potentially save the lives of those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

Carrollton's initiative was not lightly undertaken; with over 100 cardiac arrest fatalities recorded annually in the city, the urgency to act and to drastically lessen response times was palpable. The basis of the program, as Carrollton Fire Chief Michael Thomson was quick to highlight, is to ensure that a CPR-trained person with an Avive Connect AED™ is available to respond to a cardiac emergency within four minutes of a 911 call. "During a cardiac event, every second is critical," Thomson stated, as per the City of Carrollton, Texas, underscoring the gravity of swift intervention in saving lives.

The program engages the community through its Cardiac Arrest Rapid Engagement (CARE) Team, where citizens are invited to become part of a robust response network. Those who join the CARE Team will be trained in CPR, receive an Avive Connect AED, and attend regular skills training with Carrollton Fire Rescue. The city is actively enlisting residents into this life-preserving endeavor and provides detailed eligibility criteria including a minimal age requirement and successful criminal background check.

The Avive Connect AED™ unit stands apart with its integration of Wi-Fi, cellular, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity, which pairs with Avive's REALConnect software for communication with local emergency dispatchers. Brian Dickerson, presumably working with the rollout of the 4 Minute City™ Program in Carrollton, can be reached for further details at [email protected] or by phone at 469-986-8677.

Fueled by a grant from the Metrocrest Hospital Authority, the initial phase of Carrollton’s 4 Minute City™ endeavor is already underway. A preliminary study involving roughly 25 individuals is being conducted to refine training parameters before the program is expanded to include broader segments of the population. To maintain a high standard of readiness, volunteers assigned with an AED will need to participate in ongoing quarterly training to update and refine their abilities to respond effectively.