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Published on June 13, 2024
Dallas County Unveils Upgraded Cycle Track in Rowlett Road Multimodal Project for Enhanced Cyclist SafetySource: Google Street View

Dallas County gears up for a greener future as it seeks to enhance its cycling infrastructure, a move that is catching the eyes of environmental enthusiasts and local cyclists alike. On June 12, the county hosted a project update meeting on the ambitious Rowlett Road Multimodal Connection project, laying out plans to revamp a 2.1-mile stretch with a cyclist-friendly design and improved pedestrian access.

The cycle track, which promises a safer and more comfortable ride for cyclists, is part of the larger initiative to promote multimodal transportation along Rowlett Road from Duck Creek Drive to Roan Road in Garland; the project will feature a two-way buffered cycle track and new continuous sidewalks that run on both sides of the road from east of Broadway Boulevard to west of Roan Road, the county officials revealed these details in a virtual meeting that can be revisited at the City of Garland page.

Not stopping at just a cycle track, the plan includes the addition of an extra traffic lane carved out from the existing median and the construction of a 12-foot sidepath that will extend from Greenbelt Parkway to beyond Broadway, thus ensuring that pedestrians too, can walk with peace of mind in a community increasingly concerned with the safety and sustainability of its thoroughfares.

Residents who couldn't attend the meeting or those seeking more information about the cycling track and roadway changes have been encouraged to reach out directly; inquiries can be directed to 214-653-7172 or via email at [email protected], the county is ensuring that all voices can be heard and that the momentum for a more inclusive transport system doesn't stall behind the bureaucratic curtains.

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