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Published on June 21, 2024
Duluth's Kitchi Gammi Park Temporarily Closed Due to Weather Aftermath, Reopens with Construction NoticeSource: Google Street View

For nature lovers and fans of beachside strolls, hold your horses: Kitchi Gammi Park/Brighton Beach is getting a brief timeout. Thanks to some rather uncooperative weather – the City of Duluth has announced a momentary closure of this beloved green-and-blue space from Friday, June 21 to Sunday, June 23.

"The temporary inconvenience is caused by heavy rain, resulting in mud and delicate grass instead of scattered Lego bricks in the park. The rain has made it tough for the newly improved turf and landscaping, which are still young. It's important to give these areas a break from foot traffic to help them recover."

But all is not lost for outdoor enthusiasts. Kitchi Gammi's gates will swing back open come Monday, June 24, albeit with a catch. Pedestrian access will be permitted along the Lakewalk, but there's a caveat: "users should expect heavy equipment and operators throughout the park through this phase of the project," per the City's official notice. The sounds of construction might not be the birdsong you were hoping for, but it's a temporary soundtrack as the park undergoes continuous enhancement.

Remember the following guidelines once the park reopens: Stick to the designated paths while the construction is ongoing until September 2024. The Parks and Recreation division kindly requests the public to respect the boundaries to minimize damage to the park’s vulnerable turf and plantings.