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Published on June 23, 2024
Duluth to Begin Controlled Blasts for Sixth Avenue E Extension Project Amid Infrastructure Improvement EffortsSource: Google Street View

Heads up, Duluth residents and local businesses: prepare for some noise and a bit of a shake-up. Starting Tuesday, June 25, the city will begin a two-week rock removal project that requires controlled blasting along Sixth Avenue E, between E First Street and E Second Street. According to a press release from the City of Duluth, the blasts are scheduled to occur Mondays through Fridays at precisely noon and 4 PM. The City has promised to keep disturbance to a minimum, but those in the vicinity can expect to hear the warning horns and feel the vibrations when it's time to clear the rock.

Here's the breakdown: five minutes before each blast, you'll hear a one-minute-long series of long air horn blasts echoing through the streets. The signal to brace to quickly turn up is another set of shorter blasts one minute prior. Following each blast and a safety inspection, an all-clear signal will blare out. As outlined in the release and picked up by local outlets, the area around the blast site will be securely off-limits during these times, with safety precautions like mats and tires in place to prevent any flying rock incidents.

“The blasts are scheduled for specific times to allow residents and businesses to prepare and take any necessary precautions,” states the City’s release. Sensors will be strategically placed around the site to closely monitor noise and vibration levels. These measures are to ensure that while the ground is moved, the peace in Duluth homes and workplaces is shaken only within safe limits.

The aim here is not to disrupt, but to improve—so says the City of Duluth. This whole blasting ordeal is part of the Sixth Avenue E extension project, a venture aimed at beefing up the city's infrastructure for the long haul. An all-clear has been given on the intent behind these blasts: According to the City of Duluth's recent release, "The City of Duluth appreciates the community’s cooperation and understanding during the work on this important infrastructure project." And if all goes according to the plan they've laid out, this ought to mark a period of brief disturbance preceding the benefit of strong foundations laid for the future.