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Published on June 12, 2024
Elsie Allen High School Students Detained on Robbery, Gang-Related Charges After Assaulting ClassmateSource: Google Street View

Two 17-year-old students from Elsie Allen High School were taken into custody in the wake of an alleged assault and pilferage against a fellow 16-year-old scholar, unfolding on campus grounds this past Friday. The Santa Rosa Police Department was alerted to the incident by school officials after an attack that occurred at noon in a school bathroom, as reported by the City of Santa Rosa, CA. The victim, whose identity remains protected due to being a minor, was subsequently treated at a local hospital for minor facial injuries.

In their announcement, the police detailed that an anonymous tip-off featuring a video of the incident arrived via the "Stop It" app, prompting immediate administrative engagement. A quick response from an officer and further investigative cooperation from a school administrator led to the identification of the duo believed to be responsible for the assault that is suspected, according to police knowledge, to hold a gang dimension. As recounted by an administrator to the local police, the victim’s belt was snatched amid the altercation.

SRPD’s Gang Crimes Team put a detective on the case, who subsequently secured search warrants for the suspects' homes. Executed on the following Monday, items synonymous with gang involvement were unearthed at both addresses. Arrests were carried out without further incident, first at the Gio Drive residence and then shortly after Bellevue Avenue, when the second suspect returned home. They were each booked into Juvenile Hall on multiple charges, including felony robbery and participation in a criminal street gang, as outlined in the official report by the Santa Rosa Police Department.

The Santa Rosa Police have refrained from publicizing the names of the involved juveniles, honoring legal privacy protections. Those seeking more information on the case can reach out to Sgt. Patricia Seffens, the department's Public Information Officer, as indicated in the Santa Rosa Police Department’s announcement. All media queries should be accordingly directed. Charges against the teens encompass felony robbery, misdemeanor battery, and both charges related to gang participation and promotion. The case number is 24-6916, for those needing to reference the incident in communications with law enforcement.