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Published on June 18, 2024
FBI Dallas Office Honors Special Agent Raymond J. Caffrey on the Anniversary of the Kansas City MassacreSource: FBI Dallas

As the country navigated through another day, the FBI Dallas office took a moment to remember one of their own who fell in the line of duty nearly a century ago. Special Agent Raymond J. Caffrey was honored by the bureau on the anniversary of his death during the Kansas City Massacre. The remembrance was shared by the FBI Dallas, marking the solemn occasion.

In 1933, the Kansas City Massacre was a brazen shootout that occurred on June 17. Running for his life, Special Agent Caffrey was among the four law enforcement officers tragically killed as they attempted to transport a prisoner. The FBI Dallas post honored Caffrey, saying, "Special Agent Raymond J. Caffrey who was killed on June 17, 1933, during the Kansas City Massacre. #WallofHonor". The incident, which also claimed the lives of a police chief, a police officer, and another FBI agent, became a pivotal moment in FBI history, leading to significant changes in the agency’s powers and the way federal crimes were prosecuted.

The remembrance of fallen officers serves as a stark reminder of the risks law enforcement personnel face in the performance of their duties. Landscaped by sacrifice, the Wall of Honor commemorates agents like Caffrey who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The tragic events of that day catalyzed law enforcement reforms and the bolstering of federal anti-crime measures, underscoring the legacy left by those who died in service.

Special Agent Caffrey's memory endures, not only through the FBI's historical recount but also in the collective memory of the bureau and the nation. Every year, the sacrifice of officers like Caffrey is brought out of the shadows of history, ensuring that their stories continue to inform and inspire current and future generations of law enforcement officers. With a quiet nod to the past, we are reminded of the fortitude and dedication exemplified by agents in the face of danger throughout the storied history of the FBI.