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Published on June 21, 2024
Fort Worth Emergency Services Team Up for Kitten Rescue OperationSource: Fort Worth Fire Department

In an act of cross-agency collaboration, the Fort Worth Fire Department, local police, and sheriff's deputies teamed up to save a kitten that found itself in a perilous situation. The Tarrant County Sheriff's Office recounted the incident on Facebook, detailing how a Fort Worth resident noticed a small black kitten had accidentally become trapped within the structure of his vehicle. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, especially with the rising temperatures and the heat emanating from the asphalt, he reached out for help.

The rescue operation included the Fort Worth Fire Department’s Rescue 14, the Fort Worth Police Department East Property Crimes Unit, and the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office Courtesy Patrol. Together, they worked to lift the car and remove the tires, which allowed the responders to reach the young cat. According to the Facebook post of the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office, they found the kitten unharmed, despite the ordeal it had faced.

The kitten, described as very young and without identification tags or a microchip, was taken to a local animal shelter. Here, it will have the chance to be adopted into a new home. "Teamwork! Earlier this afternoon, a concerned resident of Fort Worth realized that a very young, small black kitten had crawled into the frame of his car," Forth Worth Fire Department reported, emphasizing the resident's quick thinking and compassion.