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Published on June 13, 2024
Garland, Texas Residents and Neighborhood Association Win National Recognition at NUSA CompetitionSource: City of Garland, Texas

The City of Garland is celebrating the success of its residents and community organizations on a national scale. Recently, two Garland Neighborhood Award winners from 2023 snagged awards at the National Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) competition, with Stephen Casali and the Orchard Hills Neighborhood Association taking home top honors for their exemplary community work. Casali was named the Who’s Who in America’s Neighborhoods award winner, and recognized as a model neighbor in Riverset, and Orchard Hills triumphed in the newsletter category for its exceptional quarterly publication, according to the City of Garland.

The National NUSA event that unfolded in Lubbock this May didn't just serve as an award ceremony. It was also an incubator of collective wisdom with various workshops and networking opportunities. Attendances from across the country convened to exchange experiences, all in the pursuit of emboldening the spirits of community engagement and neighborhood advocacy. NUSA, a nonprofit at its heart, has been dolling out accolades since 1984, specifically lauding neighborhoods and their self-help endeavors as part of a long-standing tradition of appreciation.

Back in Garland, the Office of Neighborhood Vitality takes stock of the communal strides made on a more localized scale with the Garland Neighborhood Awards. These accolades pave the way for residents to shout out their neighbors, neighborhood groups, community newsletters, and public servants who go the extra mile. The path to such recognition starts with nominations, which are currently being solicited for the next round of Neighborhood of the Year, Who’s Who in Garland, Neighborhood Newsletter and Garland Public Servant. "Nominations are due by 10 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13," states the City of Garland, prompting local engagement.