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Published on June 11, 2024
Governor Whitmer Announces Major Road and Bridge Repair Projects Across Michigan, Macomb County Sees $5.3 Million M-53 Construction Source: Google Street View

Michigan's roads and bridges are set to undergo a series of significant repair and reconstruction projects across several counties, as announced by Governor Gretchen Whitmer. In her statement, Governor Whitmer emphasized that these efforts are part of her ongoing commitment to "fix the damn roads" and that they will drive economic activity and enhance safety for residents. According to a CBS Detroit report, a major construction project on M-53 in Macomb County started on Monday, with lane reductions expected to last until August 24.

Despite the anticipation of improved infrastructure long-term, local business owners like Cathy Osebold, of MJC Marketplace in downtown Romeo, have voiced concerns about the impact on commerce. "I think it might hurt us a little bit, hopefully not," Osebold told CBS Detroit, as she highlighted alternative routes to reach her store. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is implementing a technique called Capesealing on M-53, a process combining three layers of concrete and asphalt, as explained by MDOT engineer Kim McClain.

CBS Detroit's report detailed that MDOT's investment of $5.3 million in the M-53 construction is expected to both directly and indirectly create 64 jobs. This reflects the broader pattern of infrastructure upgrades statewide, as highlighted by Governor Whitside's announcement. Projects spanning eight counties are purposed to fix, repair, or replace nearly 23,000 lane miles of roads and 1,600 bridges, which are expected to support 89,000 jobs without additional taxes. An MDOT press release proudly states, "Let’s roll up our sleeves and keep getting things done."

Another significant project includes the resurfacing of 4.4 miles of M-96 in Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties, with a $2.3 million budget that stands to reportedly support 28 jobs based on economic modeling. "The project can help add nearly 30 jobs in the area and I appreciate the work of those MDOT crews bringing these upgrades to fruition," stated Senator Sean McCann in support of the project detailed on the official Michigan government website. Public statements from other local officials, like state Representative Jim Haadsma, echo a positive outlook on the infrastructure improvements and their role in bolstering local economies.

Whitmer's rebuilding initiative extends beyond the current construction season, aiming to solidify a legacy of sustainable infrastructure growth. These efforts, backed by the Rebuilding Michigan plan and the bipartisan Building Michigan Together Plan, signify a cumulative $3.5 billion investment into the state’s highways and bridges. More information about the historic infrastructure investments by the Whitmer-Gilchrist Administration can be found through the Governor's office resources.

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