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Published on June 21, 2024
Haltom City Rallies in Support of First Responders with Bottled Water DriveSource: Google Street View

In a gesture of community spirit and support, Haltom City residents are invited to participate in a bottled water drive aimed at assisting their local first responders. The water will benefit the brave men and women at Haltom City Fire Station #1, who regularly put themselves on the line to serve and protect the community. The Haltom City Police Department announced the week-long event, starting from Monday, June 24th through to Friday, June 28th, during which time donations can be made at the fire station from 8 am to 5 pm.

With temperatures soaring and summer heat intensifying the physical toll on firefighters and police officers, the call is out for community members to drop off cases of water, you can simply pull up to the front of Fire Station #1, pop the trunk and a member of the fire station will assist with unloading if needed, those looking for more information or assistance can reach out to the department at (817) 222-7140. "Let's show our gratitude and keep our first responders hydrated this summer!" the Haltom City Emergency Management encouraged in their public call to action.

The initiative not only provides essential hydration to those first on the scene of emergencies but also represents a tangible demonstration of gratitude from the community they serve. With high summer temperatures posing an additional challenge to the already strenuous duties of firefighters and first responders, such contributions are both meaningful and practical.