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Published on June 20, 2024
Hillsboro's Transit Transformation, TriMet's Red Line Expansion to Boost Local Connectivity in AugustSource: Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The transit landscape of Hillsboro is on the brink of notable change, as TriMet gears up to roll out an impressive expansion of the MAX Red Line service. Slated to commence in late August, the expansion will see the Red Line extend its reach an additional 10 stations westward, reaching from the Beaverton Transit Center to Hillsboro, according to Hillsboro Oregon. This move not only signifies one of TriMet’s most ambitious service improvements but also brings with it the promise of heightened connectivity for Hillsboro's denizens.

Until recently, the trajectory of the Red Line was limited, ferrying passengers between Portland International Airport and Beaverton Transit Center. The expansion, however, fosters a much-anticipated frequency in services and ushers in direct routes to more destinations for the community. In the works are track and signal revamps intended to enhance punctuality and smoothness of journeys to and from the Portland International Airport, as detailed by officials in Hillsboro.

Since its inception in 2001 and subsequent extension to Beaverton two years later, the region encompassing Beaverton and Hillsboro has witnessed an influx of close to 50,000 new residents. The ongoing expansions are thus a stride toward bettering ties within the community, offering expanded prospects and furthering the accessibility of events such as the Washington County Stack and local businesses along the MAX corridor.

Concurrently, Hillsboro prepares for the renaming of two MAX stations, setting the stage for the Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport MAX Station and Park & Ride to become the western terminus of the Red Line - creating a seamless ride from the Hillsboro International Airport to the Portland International Airport, the city has announced. While TriMet hushes the new names for these stations, expectations are high for the announcement.