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Published on June 20, 2024
Hillsborough County Eyes Potential $100 Million Savings in Sheriff's Office Move from Ybor CitySource: Google Street View

Hillsborough County is potentially embarking on a significant shift in law enforcement infrastructure, with plans to move the sheriff's office headquarters from its entrenched location in Ybor City to a larger, more modern facility. Today, the Hillsborough County Commission will openly discuss proposals, including an intriguing land swap deal involving the Grow Financial headquarters off the Selmon Expressway. This move is meant to address various problems associated with the current headquarters, such as space constraints and outdated facilities that are not up to hurricane safety standards.

According to WFLA, commissioners have been given a 30-day window to explore multiple proposals, with the current frontrunner being a land swap with developer Darryl Shaw. This deal could not only save taxpayers an estimated $100 million by preempting future relocation and renovation costs but would also triple the space available to the sheriff's office. Sheriff Chad Chronister emphasized the potential savings, stating, "There's a potential $100 million savings by moving us now versus waiting later years down the road to move us."

The proposed new site boasts a newer and more spacious building than the HCSO currently occupies. This space advantage was highlighted by Sheriff Chronister in a statement obtained by FOX 13 News, saying, "There’s no room to expand as we continue to expand." The need for relocation was further echoed due to the limitations imposed by the aging building in Ycarbor City regarding safety, maintenance, and the ability to serve the expanding community effectively.

Despite the clear inclination towards the embarking deal, the commission will still consider any forthcoming proposals within the next 30 days. During an interview with Bay News 9, Sheriff Chronister mentioned the importance of a central location to ensure accessibility for the public, noting "Ybor City years ago, especially probably back in 1972 when the headquarters was built, it was centrally located. Now that the county has grown we’re not so centrally located." Meanwhile, Darryl Shaw conveyed a willingness to cooperate for the community's good, stating, "Whenever there's a chance to collaborate for the benefit of taxpayers, the Sheriff’s office, and Ybor City, we are always going to be interested in those opportunities."