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Published on June 12, 2024
Houston Airports Anticipate Record-Breaking 19 Million Summer Passengers; Offer Tips for Smooth TravelSource: Google Street View

Houston's airports are gearing up for a seemingly record-breaking summer with an expected 19 million passengers ready to take to the skies. In a statement released by the Houston Airport System and obtained by the Houston Chronicle, last Thursday was the second busiest day in the system's history, a surge largely attributed to the conclusion of the school year for almost 190,000 Houston ISD students the day prior.

The massive influx, which TSA data reveals amounted to 83,796 passengers on June 6, just shy of the record 84,295 travelers on March 8, seems to significantly underscore the start of the vacation season. This trend illustrates the readiness of many families to quickly take to traveling post the academic year's end. Officials suggest it is vital for travelers to proactively make plans to avoid potential delays and stresses associated with such heightened airport activity.

This summer's passenger forecast at George Bush Intercontinental Airport and William P. Hobby Airport represents a 7% increase from last year's numbers. It looks especially busy during peak days—Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. In response to this anticipated demand, Houston Airports has recommended a few key strategies for an improved travel experience, including securing parking spots in advance which can be done via their website.

Travelers are also encouraged to download the Houston Airports app, providing real-time updates on TSA security wait times and interactive maps to assist in location navigation. Additionally, the airport system has highlighted the benefits of TSA Pre-Check, which allows approved travelers to more swiftly move through security, a program that can take as little as five days to get approval for, according to airport officials. Details on these tips were also shared by the Houston Chronicle.

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