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Published on June 11, 2024
Houston Braces for Intermittent Showers and Heat, While Severe Storms Target Upper MidwestSource: Unsplash/ person’s name” target=“_blank”>Benjamin Rauls

The forecast for Houston paints a tumultuous weather picture with intermittent showers and thunderstorms weaving through a fabric of steamy sunshine, according to National Weather Service (NWS). Today, the chances of downpours and stormy interludes stand at 50 percent, primarily post-1 pm, with the mercury set to hover near 91 degrees. Come evening, the skies are expected to muddle up slightly, with the probability of precipitation taking a modest dip to 40 percent.

Houstonians envisage a continuation of this pattern as Wednesday heralds a 40 percent propensity for storms after the sun climbs, the warmth reaching a high in the upper 80s, that quintessential Houston mix of calm winds punctuated by that occasional east-northeastern breeze in the afternoons has settled in like uninvited but not altogether unwelcome guests. Subsequently, as night disembarks, the thermostat will cool to a mild 75 degrees, the winds whispering down to a lull, but the storms' specter always looming on the horizon.

Looking ahead, Thursday's forecast suggests a decided downward shift in storm potential, hanging at a sparse 20 percent, while the sky remains largely unclouded and the degree count ticks back up close to 91. The nights following are expected to mirror the same, with mostly clear conditions and a consistent cradle of warmth at around 75 degrees. However, the weekend promises full-frontal sunlight with no short supply of heat as temperatures are projected to soar to a sizzling 93 degrees, said NWS.

Moreover, as the week saunters towards its end, the NWS Houston warns the strongest storms potentially burgeoning to severity, particularly west of Houston where the atmosphere is ripe with discord, the heat index vaulting to an oppressive approximate 100 degrees; it's a reminder that June in Southeast Texas oscillates between sweltering heat and sudden cloudbursts. Meanwhile, the NWS Storm Prediction Center issues a clear message of caution about severe thunderstorms across parts of the Upper Midwest, bringing potential large hail, severe gusts, and an isolated tornado risk, thereby contrasting the relative calm bestowed upon Houston's skies.

The Garden-Variety Houston forecast, punctuated by scattered storms, is but a precursor to the weightier gales brewing in lands to the north, where they're bracing for a meteorological tempest on Wednesday. The states in the crosshairs of the Upper Midwest's climatic upheaval, identified by NWS Storm Prediction Center, are steeling against the possibility of supercells with "large hail threat" and a wind-damage threat that remains well into the evening, putting an edge on the otherwise serene narrative woven by the predictable Houston weather.