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Published on June 18, 2024
K9 Gamble of Mesquite Police Lauded for Sniffing Out Suspects in Double Whammy ArrestsSource: Mesquite Police Department

The Mesquite Police Department's K9 unit has been in the spotlight following two back-to-back incidents this past week where K9 Gamble played a pivotal role in tracking down suspects. On June 12, Gamble first assisted in catching a suspect from a chase that ensued after a theft involving thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, shortly after, the K9 helped apprehend another suspect linked to narcotics and firearms at a city park, as detailed by a recent Facebook post by the Mesquite Police Department.

According to the Mesquite Police's account, the day's first episode unfolded when officers responded to a reported theft at around 4:49 pm, the suspects had loaded stolen goods into a suitcase and attempted to flee in an SUV, but when an officer spotted and attempted to stop the vehicle they led a chase that culminated in a crash against a tree and the suspects then attempted to escape on foot—one was immediately caught and with the help of K9 Gamble the second was found hiding in a nearby backyard. In the Facebook post, the police department praised the "remarkable skill and determination" of K9 Gamble, which had been instrumental in the swift captures of both suspects.

The second incident occurred a mere 38 minutes later, with Gamble once again lending his tracking abilities to the officers. A routine check on a suspicious vehicle at a city park - at 5:27 pm - prompted one occupant to flee on foot, leading the police and K9 Gamble on an intricate pursuit through the park and into a drainage culvert, the chase finally culminated with the suspect being found by the K9 in a nearby backyard after he had utilized the drainage tunnel to attempt an escape.

The efficiency of the K9 unit especially K9 Gamble in these two deployments underscores the value of police dogs in law enforcement activities and the Mesquite Police Department has been quick to acknowledge the contributions of their canine colleague and the team's "outstanding job." The events present a day in the life of law enforcement, where routine can pivot to pursuit, and suspects might underestimate their two- and four-legged pursuers only to find no backyard or culvert can shield them from the law for long.