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Published on June 13, 2024
La Quinta Duo Suspected of Vehicle Burglary Spree in Indian Wells, Now in CustodySource: Google Street View

Residents of La Quinta are breathing a little easier today after the arrest of two suspects the Sheriff's Department believes are behind a rash of vehicle burglaries in Indian Wells. According to a report from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, the burglary spree occurred in the 76000 block of Fairway Drive on May 25, with the suspects lifting items such as wallets, identifications, access cards, and a laptop.

Following the burglaries, a diligent effort by the Special Enforcement Team at the Indian Wells led to the finger-pointing at Cynthia Martinez, 33, and her associate Francisco Ferratt, both residents of La Quinta. Having used the stolen access cards to make fraudulent tractions online, their digital paper trail contributed to their downfall. On June 13, deputies made their move and arrested Martinez and Ferratt at their home, where deputies say recovering some of the stolen goods, including the mentioned laptop.

Both suspects were booked into the John Benoit Detention Center, facing a slew of charges encompassing burglary, conspiracy, vandalism, identity theft, and possession of stolen property. With the investigation still unfurling, the Sheriff's Department has encouraged anyone with additional information to get in touch with Deputy Kendall Martinez of the Indian Wells Special Enforcement Team.

The swift action by local law enforcement highlights a continued effort to combat property crimes in the area, further demonstrating the importance of cross-referencing digital footprints in modern investigations. Individuals charged will now face the legal repercussions as the process unfolds, and as the department noted, this particular narrative is far from its final chapter. Those with insights into the case can reach Deputy Martinez at the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station by calling (760) 836–1625.