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Published on June 12, 2024
League City Police Probe Suspicious Death of Mother Found at Marina, Community Seeks AnswersSource: GoFundMe/Nathan Paz

Tragedy has shrouded the waters of League City as Giselle Salazar-Tapia, a mother of four, was discovered lifeless, suspended beneath a marina dock. League City police suggest that Salazar-Tapia was already deceased prior to her body being positioned in its haunting state, according to the Houston Chronicle. Confounding the investigation is the rigidity of her arm—an eerie testament likely signaling death elsewhere before the grim tableau was staged.

Jose Ortega, spokesperson for the police department, conveyed that rigor mortis, the stiffening that follows death, had set in while an arm remained aloft; a detail suggesting she to have possibly died while lying down. Despite two persons of interest being on the police's radar as of June 11, their identities remain closely guarded secrets for now. The community now awaits results from a toxicology report, requested on June 3, as relayed by a Medical Examiner's Office spokesperson.

The backdrop to this horror is a boat within the marina, the dwelling Giselle shared with her boyfriend since March. It was near this locale, just 20 to 30 yards away, where her body was found. Her boyfriend, overcome with shock, was initially reclusive, but later cooperated with officials. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, authorities navigated the delicate task of questioning the bereaved man.

In the interim, grief has also been channeled into support, with a GoFundMe page rapidly accruing donations surpassing $2,000 since June 3 for funeral costs and childcare. "Giselle was the most charismatic person you could ever meet, sharing a smile and making a friend of everyone she came across. Giselle always looked for the best in people, even when they didn't deserve her kindness," the page read. Her sister, Esperanza Alegria, adamantly stated in an interview with KTRK-TV, "I just want everyone to know my sister didn't do this to herself. She didn't commit suicide. We just want justice for her. We want whoever is responsible, who did this to my sister, we want them to get charged for what they did to her,", as mentioned by Houston Chronicle.

Companion reports from KHOU.com shed light on the depth of the relationship between Giselle and her boyfriend, James Hart, who is struggling to grapple with the reality of her loss. "This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. It feels like a nightmare you can't wake up from," Hart revealed. 

Christian Allen, a neighbor who discovered Giselle, expressed skepticism toward the initial suggestion of suicide. Meanwhile, League City Police Lt. Eric Cox confirmed their suspicion of foul play. Those with relevant information are encouraged to step forward, to contact League City Police at 281-332-2566 or Galveston County Crime Stoppers at 409-763-8477.