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Published on June 21, 2024
Mansfield Community Relieved as No Injuries Reported Following RV Explosion on Jessica LaneSource: Google Street View

Residents around the 5500 Block of Jessica Lane in Mansfield were instructed to shelter in place earlier this week following an RV explosion, as firefighters responded to the incident. The Tarrant County Sheriff's Department reported that although the situation was serious, thankfully, no injuries have been documented about the explosion. The shelter-in-place order, which came into effect immediately after the fire crews arrived at the scene, remained active until it was deemed that the area was safe. It was eventually lifted at precisely 2:56 pm, as updated by the Sheriff's Department, allowing residents to resume their daily routines albeit under the shadow of the day's disruptive event. Details on the cause of the explosion or the damage incurred were not immediately clear, authorities have begun probing into the explosion's origins, promising updates as more information becomes available.

The Tarrant County Sheriff's Office assured the community that there was no ongoing threat and that the situation was now under control. Residents who had been hunkered down during the several hours of the emergency were reported to have remained calm, leaning on each other in a show of resilience that has become all too common in the face of such unexpected disruptions.