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Published on June 12, 2024
Maricopa Secures $6.5 Million Federal Investment for Aquifer Recharge Project to Bolster Water SustainabilitySource: City of Maricopa

In Arizona, the reality of water scarcity is shaping urban development, with the City of Maricopa taking tangible measures to enhance its water sustainability. Maricopa's recent efforts were bolstered thanks to a hefty partnership agreement backed by $6.5 million in federal funding, aimed at replenishing local aquifers.

Maricopa Mayor Nancy Smith and City Manager Benjamin Bitter were joined by Congressman Greg Stanton and Colonel Andrew Baker of the Army Corps of Engineers to sign off on the Project Partnership Agreement. The decision earmarks sizable funding towards the city's aquifer recharge project, to be executed in partnership with Global Water. Mayor Smith outlined the importance of this initiative, saying, "The City of Maricopa is the fifth fastest-growing city in the nation. As such, new and improving infrastructure are key to building out our city and ensuring we will have valuable water Vallieres for many years to come," according to the City of Maricopa.

Replenishing aquifers, the natural underground layers that hold water is critical for desert communities where surface water is a rarity. This initiative will involve funneling treated water into the aquifers, ensuring a future supply. Jon Corwin, Vice President and General Manager of Global Warter, emphasized the forward-looking nature of the partnership, as per the City of Maricopa, "The aquifer recharge project is the next step in total water management and this project will allow the storage of additional water for future use and promote continued prosperity for the City of Maricopa."

The funds for these endeavors hail from the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, which entrusted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with the design and construction assistance for various water projects. From the $19 million allocated to Arizona projects, Maricopa secured a substantial 35%. Mayor Smith addressed the financial strategy behind the federal funding, explaining, "This means federal taxes dollars our residents paid are coming back to Maricopa. In addition, by bringing in federal support for projects like this, we are taking action to minimize the need for residents to foot the bill as our city grows."

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