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Published on June 06, 2024
Miami-Dade to Unveil Upgrades at Ward Tower Senior Center with Grand Reopening on June 7thSource: Google Street View

As the Miami-Dade community gears up to unreel the ribbon at the Ward Tower Senior Social Center, the focus is keenly set on revitalizing the space for the locality’s aging population. Slotted for the celebration ceremony on June 7th, the event spotlights the enhanced amenities tailored for Ward Tower residents and the broader community, noted for its commitment in catering to the needs of older adults. The day's agenda includes a facility tour at 11:30 a.m., preceding a senior resources fair and a celebratory luncheon, according to Miami-Dade County official announcement.

The senior center will now offer a variety of essential services seemingly designed to improve the quality of life for its visitors. Guests are encouraged to firmly grip the opportunity to explore among the myriad of programs such as meal services, diabetes education, as well as a regimen of senior wellness activities. Notably, the offerings extend further to include English and computer courses to help potentially keep residents connected in today's digital age.

Key figures from the community are slated to add to the luster of the occasion, including Mr. Clarence Brown from Miami-Dade County Public Housing and Community Development, and Ms. Brenda Lampon, a committed advocate for seniors in Miami-Dade County. Their contributions, along with those of Martha Whisby and executives from Independent Living Systems, underscore the collaborative endeavor aimed at better serving the region’s senior demographic.

Located at 5301 NW 23rd Avenue, the center emerges as a beacon for engagement and support in Miami, FL. Those seeking to find out more about the grand reopening or the services offered may reach out to Lucio Guerrero at Independent Living Community Services, who was made available to warmly field inquiries and provide additional details. This community milestone is not just a refurbishment of facilities, but a reaffirmation of Miami-Dade's dedication to create an inclusive environment for seniors to actively participate and thrive in society.

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