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Published on June 12, 2024
Milton Officials Urge Prompt Action as Highway 9 Expansion Halted Amid Allegations Against Ex-GDOT OfficialSource: Google Street View

The City of Milton has expressed concern and disappointment following the suspension of construction work on the Highway 9 widening project. The halting of the project comes in the wake of alleged fraudulent activities by a now-former Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) official.

Work on the project, which affects a key corridor in Milton, has been brought to a temporary standstill until GDOT acquires the necessary land for right-of-way and easements. A specific timeline for when work will resume or a projected end date for the expansion has not been provided by the State agency. The circumstances leading to the halt are currently under investigation by the Office of the Inspector General of the state of Georgia, as reported by the City of Milton's official announcement.

Milton's officials are advocating for residents and businesses impacted by the stalled project, pushing for a prompt response from GDOT. They are seeking not only to address the immediate issues stemming from the paused construction, like the cleanup of properties where fencing and vegetation have been removed, but also to ensure that the city's interests are represented as the state moves forward. "We’re already reaching out to state leaders for answers and expect productive conversations to ensure that Milton citizens and businesses are heard and their best interests are served," said Mayor Peyton Jamison.

Although the City of Milton does not control the project's administration or its timeline, it recognizes the widening of Highway 9's significance to the community's quality of life. With the current predicament, concerned individuals are directed to communicate with GDOT via their project "Contact Us" page for queries about the Highway 9 project.

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