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Published on June 11, 2024
Mohave County Sheriff's Office Issues READY Alert Near Kingman Due to Peacock Fire ThreatSource: AzEIN

Residents near the nascent Peacock Fire in Mohave County are on high alert as the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office has issued a READY status for the area. The fire, which blazed into existence earlier today in the Peacock Mountains, sits menacingly about 20 miles northeast of Kingman, a proximity that has local officials urging those in the potential path to start preparing immediately for a potential evacuation.

The neighborhoods of Trap Springs Rd., Spring Valley Rd., Treeline Dr., and Pine May Dr. are the specific locales advised to gear up to possibly leave their homes. In an effort to better ensure the residents have time to securely ready themselves, the Sheriff’s Office implores the community to take proactive steps. Residents are being asked to be fully aware of the hazards that could impact their community and to begin now to assemble an emergency go kit. This should include the vital five P's: people and pet supplies, prescriptions, papers, personal needs and priceless items.

According to the emergency bulletin, the READY status is not merely a cue for personal preparation but also a communal signal. "Check with your neighbors, family, friends, and elders to ensure they are READY," the bulletin advises, emphasizing the importance of community solidarity in trying times like these. Despite the urgency, the message is clear: Preparedness is key, and knowing what's at stake is the first defense against the unforeseen fury of nature.

As the situation develops, staying informed remains crucial. The Sheriff's Office recommends keeping abreast of local news, weather watches, and weather warnings. Community cohesiveness, once again, comes to the forefront as the bulletin stresses the value of communication, suggesting that residents create a family evacuation and communication plan, which should include family phone numbers, out-of-town contacts, and family meeting locations. Indeed, such anticipation might duly become the lifeline in the event the fire decides to unpredictably swerve closer to these communities.

While natural disasters do not discriminate, preparation can spell the difference between chaos and calm. With the correct measures in place, communities like those in the Peacock Mountains may adapt quickly to potentially safeguard much of what they hold dear. For the latest updates and more information on what to do in the READY status, residents are encouraged to visit the official emergency information website.