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Published on June 24, 2024
Multi-Vehicle Collision on I-675 in Stockbridge Causes Major Traffic Delays, Southbound Lanes Closed for Over An HourSource: Georgia Department of Transportation

A collision on the I-675 near the I-75 split in Stockbridge this past Saturday disrupted traffic and necessitated a complete shutdown of the southbound lanes, as confirmed by local authorities and traffic reports. The incident occurred shortly after 4 p.m., and while emergency services were swiftly on the scene, the traffic in the area was brought to a standstill until the situation could be managed.

The closure lasted more than an hour the vehicles involved were cleared from the scene, one being an SUV that sustained significant front-end damage, according to footage captured and aired by FOX 5 Atlanta. By 5:10 p.m., the roadway had been cleared of debris and cars, traffic resumed its flow, easing the temporary congestion brought by the incident, whose cause remains unreported.

Furthermore, the Georgia Department of Transportation's network of cameras depicted a number of police and emergency vehicles, including a fire engine, effectively blocking the interstate to facilitate rescue and clean-up operations. The appearance of numerous service vehicles pointed to an organized response to ensure public safety and the swift reopening of the crucial transportation artery.

Details about the cause of the crash and whether there were any injuries sustained by those involved are still not disclosed; Channel 2 Action News is in the process of gathering information regarding these critical aspects of the crash and more specifics will likely follow as investigations continue, though there's an understanding that information tied to ongoing investigations can be tentative and subject to change as new facts come to light this much we know because updates have been previously provided by WSB-TV.

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