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Published on June 13, 2024
New Wave of Firefighters Ready to Serve Garland Following Intensive, Tailored TrainingSource: City of Garland

The latest cadre of firefighting neophytes at Garland Fire Department has emerged from the crucible of their training, prepped and primed for the rigors of station life. These rookies, according to an announcement from the City of Garland, wrapped their certification at Collin College, followed by the specialized "Garland Way" training—a 20-day curriculum aimed at baking the Garland-specific firefighting know-how into the fresh batch of would-be smoke eaters.

Firefighting isn't just a job; it's a compendium of skills that often go beyond the scope of standard academy education. The Garland Fire Department recognizes this deficit, providing a supplementary education that includes aerial operations and pumping—a crucial set of skills not covered at the academy. The rookies, while getting accustomed to their future roles, had to master numerous skills: truck operations, company evolutions, and the deployment of hoses, just for starters. With this knowledge, the rookies are not just ready for fire—they're ready for whatever Garland throws at them.

The City of Garland reports that during the intensive training phase, the recruits dived into fire science, learned the intricacies of ambulance stretchers, conquered ladder use, and tackled both courtyard lays and high-rise packs. Additionally, the recruits received hands-on experience with smaller engines and were challenged with search and rapid intervention team tactics.

It wasn't solely about firefighting techniques; these future lifesavers were also taught how to drive the massive fire trucks, which required each of them to obtain a Class B driver's license. Their comprehensive education culminated in a 24-hour shift, throwing them into the deep end with a quintessential firefighting rite of passage—the church raise climbing maneuver. Of the 23 new firefighters, a statement from the city highlights that six are already certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), while the remaining 17 are slated to attend EMT school soon.

Garland's residents can rest a bit easier knowing this new influx of trained firefighters is about to join the front lines. With fire season never truly off the calendar, the infusion of new blood is a boon for the community's safety. The city lauds its fire department for not simply meeting the standard, but exceeding it, ensuring its rookies are more than prepared, they're Garland-ready.