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Published on June 10, 2024
Ono Hawaiian BBQ to Open New Anaheim Location Amid Growing Demand for Island Cuisine in Southern CaliforniaSource: Facebook/Ono Hawaiian BBQ

Ono Hawaiian BBQ, a fast-casual chain renowned for its Hawaiian-inspired dishes, is setting up its second Anaheim location, a venture signifying the burgeoning appetite for island cuisine in SoCal's suburban sprawl. Catering to the mainland's hankering for Plate Lunches—a roadside staple in the Islands—the franchise continues its expansion with eyes set on a new spot at the cross of Orangethorpe Ave and Lemon, as reported by What Now OC.

Immersed in a hub of daily grind and convenience, the site boasts neighbors such as a flower shop, an insurance office, and a smog check service, the new establishment is optimally positioned just north of the 91 freeway, near the Fullerton border, to serve a mixed flux of residents and commuters craving a taste of the tropics among the strip mall's mundane offerings, to capture the palpable consumer zeal for effortlessly accessible and earnestly crafted meals, the place seizes an embodied quest to serve the soul-satisfying, smokey-charred flavors reminiscent of a Pacific paradise.

Ono Hawaiian BBQ's extensive menu tempts with an array of authentic island fare, from the sweetly marinated Hawaiian-style BBQ chicken to the crispy golden chicken katsu, all underscored by a commitment to fresh, made-from-scratch preparations, a philosophy subtly tucked beneath the aromatic scents and sizzling sounds that greet patrons at the doorway of its over 100 existing locations spread across California and Arizona. While the original Anaheim outpost continues to gather footfall near the city's bustling Disney-fueled metropolis, this new location heralds the franchise's confident stride in permeating further into the culinary landscape.

As indicated by a peek at the eatery's digital presence, Ono Hawaiian BBQ is far from finished with its tropical takeover; a list of dozens more stores, many slated for Southern California, signals a steady chop through the market terrain, much to the delight of mainlanders yearning for their fix of island zest, and among the daily hubbub of strip malls and street corners, the green-and-yellow insignia of Ono Hawaiian BBQ grows more familiar by the day, a beacon of Polynesian charm in the concrete mosaic of SoCal's suburban expanse.