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Published on June 18, 2024
Pacifica Resident Charged with Felony DUI Resulting in Injury After Late-Night CrashSource: Google Street View

In a quiet Pacifica neighborhood, a night's calm was shattered by metal and disaster. The Pacifica Police Department reports that during the early hours of June 15, a black Chevrolet Camaro lost control and crashed into a silver Nissan Altima before coming to a final, jarring rest against a residence on Manor Drive. The disturbance, unfolding at 1:25 AM, required immediate response from police, fire, and emergency medical services.

According to the Pacifica Police Department, the two vehicles involved were severely damaged. The passenger of the Camaro was seriously injured and rushed to a nearby hospital. The Camaro’s driver, identified as Rodrigo Reyesgarcia, sustained minor injuries and was also transported for medical care. Reyesgarcia, later tested for alcohol, was discovered to have been driving under the influence, and now faces grave consequences for his actions.

Investigations into the crash by local authorities led to the arrest of 28-year-old Reyesgarcia, a Pacifica resident. He has been charged with Felony DUI Resulting in Injury, a significant offense under California law. The repercussions of driving while intoxicated are made manifest in such incidents, where not only the driver's life is in jeopardy but also that of innocent bystanders.

The Pacifica Police Department has actively invited anyone with further insight into the crash to come forward. Information can be relayed anonymously through the Silent Witness Tip Line or directly called in, as mentioned in an official report. An understanding of such events can only be complete with the community's input, whether it be to aid the judicial process or to possibly bring to light ways to prevent similar issues in the future.

The case has been registered under the number 24-149, recounting the night's events. Witness accounts or any additional information are encouraged in order to complement the ongoing investigation. The Pacifica community has been left to grapple with the aftermath of this harrowing collision and to consider the harsh toll such reckless behavior inflicts upon the innocent.