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Published on June 11, 2024
Phoenix Gripped by Intense Heat Wave, Temperatures Set to Exceed 110 DegreesSource: Unsplash/Grooveland Designs

Residents of Phoenix, AZ, brace yourselves for blistering heat as the city is expected to experience soaring temperatures throughout the week. Today's high in the desert metropolis is set to reach a scorching 109 degrees, and it doesn't stop there; the mercury is forecast to climb even higher to 111 degrees by Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service. Calm winds are anticipated, shifting from west at a mild 5 mph in the afternoons to a gentle calm after midnight.

As the week progresses, the swelter continues, Thursday's forecast is predominantly sunny with temperatures peaking near 110 degrees, while the evening might offer a slight reprieve as the skies turn partly cloudy and temperatures dip to around 83 degrees, but not much of a break is given as the daytime high for Friday is expected to hover around 106 degrees with south southeast winds before becoming westerly in the afternoon, as per the National Weather Service. Those planning nighttime activities on Friday can expect clear skies, with temperatures dropping down to a low of about 81 degrees, and similar conditions are expected to carry over into the weekend.

The intense heat wave is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future, making its weight felt through the weekend and into early next week. Temperatures on Saturday will likely soar to around 110 degrees yet again under sunny skies; evening conditions will remain clear with a low settling near 81 degrees, even as the weather pattern repeats, little variation promises the same dry and hot conditions, leaving the residents and utilities to adjust as best they can.

The National Weather Service reminds the public to take caution given the unrelenting heat; high temperatures such as these pose a significant risk of heat-related illnesses. Further details suggest Sunday will mirror the previous days, sunny and roasting at a high near 110 degrees with potential wind gusts up to 20 mph in the afternoon, as reported by the National Weather Service. Sky gazers looking for an uninterrupted view should find solace as Sunday night is expected to remain clear, the low once again hovering around 81 degrees, while Monday's forecast presents a familiar narrative with sunny skies and a high near 107 degrees, followed yet again by clear nighttime skies and sustainable balmy conditions.