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Published on June 22, 2024
Phoenix Woman Arrested for Allegedly Running Unlicensed Dental Clinic from HomeSource: Unsplash/Ozkan Guner

A woman in Phoenix has been arrested under suspicion of masquerading as a dentist and illicitly providing dental services out of her home. According to ABC15, Geraldine Goez, 32, faces charges after the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners received a complaint alleging she practiced without a valid license. Police investigations ensued, leading to a disturbing discovery at her residence near 40th Street and Union Hills Drive.

It seems Goez took to social media, using Instagram to advertise her unauthorized services. A quick delve by authorities into her online presence revealed imagery of dental equipment, including a dental chair, an x-ray machine, and even photos of extracted teeth. Despite the evidence, search warrants had to be thoroughly executed before officers could confirm the validity of the claims against her. ABC15 reports that police were able to confirm Goez offered cleanings, x-rays, and other services for which she charged her patients.

The investigation took a grim turn when police inspected trash from Goez's home on May 22. 12News reports that authorities found several dental tools, empty vials of numbing medications such as lidocaine, and five human teeth. These findings served to advance the investigations into Goez's unauthorized practice.

When the home was searched, officials found more than just evidence to casually suggest that Goez was undertaking dental procedures. The search yielded items one would typically associate only with a professional dental operation. Notably, a dental chair, x-ray machine, numerous dental instruments, and numbing ointments were among the items retrieved, alongside those teeth retrieved from her trash, indicating a systematic, albeit unlicensed, dental service operation carried out within the confines of her domestic space.