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Published on June 22, 2024
Queen Creek Woman Arrested for Fabricating Stabbing Incident, Faces Harassment and False Reporting ChargesSource: Google Street View

In a bizarre twist on the Queen Creek trail, 39-year-old Megan Campbell was arrested following an investigation that unveiled her stabbing report to be a fabrication. As reported by AZ Family, Campbell initially claimed to have been attacked and stabbed in the neck on May 5, 2024. The Queen Creek Police Department, after a thorough investigation, however, highlighted "a significant pattern of inconsistencies" in her story.

Responding to an early morning distress call, officers were met with an alleged victim at the Queen Creek Fire/Medical station, who recounted an assault that supposedly left her unconscious. But the details began to unravel quickly; Campbell retreated from cooperation, further dimming the veracity of her account. According to the Arizona Daily Independent, detectives accumulated evidence that directly contradicted Campbell's narrative, ultimately deeming the entire reported incident unfounded.

In the wake of the revealed hoax, authorities emphasized the gravity of Campbell's actions, which involved not just the fabrication but an element of targeted harassment against an individual with whom she had a previous relationship. Queen Creek's Chief of Police Randy Brice expressed distress over the situation, stating, "The circumstances of this incident are disturbing, frustrating, and tragic." Brice also lamented the diversion of police resources that could have been better utilized elsewhere and the unnecessary fear generated amongst community members.

The charges laid against Campbell include identity theft, false reporting, and harassment connected to domestic violence. Chief Brice reinforced the department's commitment to community safety and justice in a statement obtained by the Arizona Daily Independent, "We are committed to fully investigating all reported crimes, and we will be relentless in uncovering the truth and pursuing justice for those who have been victimized." Brice's conveyed appreciation for the community's continued support underscores the law enforcement's dedication amidst challenging situations.