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Published on June 19, 2024
Redmond PD Initiates "Take Me Home" Program for Individuals with Cognitive DisabilitiesSource: Redmond, Washington

Redmond Police Department is stepping up its efforts to protect some of its most vulnerable community members — individuals with cognitive disabilities. They've rolled out the "Take Me Home" program, taking a step forward to ensure that those who may find themselves disoriented or misunderstood by emergency responders can get help swiftly and safely reunite with their caregivers.

In a move to prevent potential mishaps and tragedies, the Redmond PD launched a voluntary registry that aims to bridge the gap for people with disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental or cognitive challenges, including those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. By creating a database where a caregiver can register details about their loved ones, police now have a tool that's both preventative, and critical during emergencies, the database contains a digital picture, demographic information, and caregiver contacts – all designed to be a lifeline when seconds matter.

Available to those who live, work, or attend school in the City of Redmond, the program is not just a database, it's a promise of a tailored response by trained officers in times of confusion and stress for individuals who might struggle to communicate. According to the Redmond Police Department, the goal is to reduce trauma and ensure quick, safe returns, as per Redmond, Washington.  

Police Chief Darrell Lowe highlighted the human aspect of the program, not just its function. “The goal of the Take Me Home program is to help reduce the trauma of emergencies and reunite individuals with their families,” Lowe said. It's an acknowledgment that behind every emergency call, there's a person whose day, whose life, is potentially hanging in a delicate balance. It's about getting them back to their loved ones and maintaining the integrity of family ties. Indeed, it's about the safety and the sanctity of home, as cited by Redmond, Washington.