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Published on June 04, 2024
Seattle's ARTS at King Street Station to Unveil 'COMPLEXITY' Graffiti Exhibit and 'Youth in Focus' Photography ShowcaseSource: Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

If you've got an eye for the wild stylings of graffiti art, or if the idea of finely captured photographic stories speaks to your soul, you'll want to swing by ARTS at King Street Station this First Thursday. The venue is throwing its doors wide open for two compelling exhibits: the graffiti-centric 'COMPLEXITY' and the insightful 'Youth in Focus Showcase.'

'COMPLEXITY' is more than just a spray-can spree—it's a deep dive into graffiti art and culture, presented in partnership with The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, The American Graffiti & Urban Art Conservation Project, and APEX Art & Cultural Center. The show boats an impressive array of styles and historical richness, with over 20 works from the storied DogTown Collection and local artists' contributions. Among them, you'll find relics of graffiti's pre-Instagram days, such as black-books and magazines.

The youth are indeed our future, and the 'Youth in Focus Showcase' is a testament to that. This exhibit puts a lens on the aspirations and visions of fresh talent—a cohort of BIPOC students in the Creative Career Cohort internship program. It features their digital storytelling, with each aspiring shutterbug showcasing two photos themed around the world they hope to shape.

Make sure to pencil in June 6, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., for a day that's bound to burst with color and insight. The opening event is laced with live art-making, with canvases coming to life from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., a soundtrack courtesy of DJ Supreme La Rock, and the official remarks in the gallery at 6 p.m.. It's ripe opportunity for attendees to forge a real-time connection between the vibrant creative process and the finished artworks hanging in the gallery. Plus, with catering by Natoncks Metsu, your palates will be in for a treat as well.

Expect 'COMPLEXITY' to serve up both 2D and 3D works that capture the essence of the graffiti scene—complete with portraits of characters engaged in urban escapades. The 'Youth in Focus' collection, on the other hand, brings human stories to the front using the powerful medium of photography. Computational compositions, daily scenes, and snapshots of Seattle make up this snapshot of upcoming generation's vision.

Whether you're a street art aficionado or a lover of candid photography, the upcoming shows at King Street are not to be missed. For further details, check out the exhibition announcement here