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Published on June 11, 2024
Seeking Public's Help, Authorities Search for Two Suspects After Electric Scooter Theft in Hubbard CreekSource: Facebook/ Mark Herman, Harris County Constable Precinct 4

Authorities are on the lookout for two suspects following a theft in the Hubbard Creek area that occurred on June 10. Constable Mark Herman's Office, responding to a call on the 19000 block of Hubbard Creek Ct, was informed by the victim of a stolen electrical scooter valued at approximately $500.00. The theft was reported to have happened shortly after a food delivery service, DoorDash, dropped off an order at the victim's residence.

The suspects, captured by surveillance footage, were both described as black men around 25 years old. After delivering the food, the male driving—identified by a red shirt, black and red pants, a red bandanna, and notable for not wearing shoes—returned to his vehicle. The footage further shows the vehicle, in an apparently repetitive and deliberate manner, circling the residence. A passenger, later seen approaching the doorstep and committing the theft, was wearing a black shirt, black shorts, black socks with beige Puma slides.

Amidst increasing concern for similar incidents in the area, Constable Mark Herman's office has urged the community to come forward with any informations that could aid in the apprehension of the suspects. In a plea for public assistance, a statement issued by the Constable's Facebook page reads, "If you have any information regarding the identity of this suspect, you are urged to contact our dispatch or your local law enforcement."

The incident brings to light the ongoing struggle with property crimes in communities, testing the balance between convenience and security that services like on-demand food delivery present. As law enforcement intensifies their plea to the public, Hubbard Creek residents are reminded to take precautions with deliveries and report any suspicious activities that, driven by such incidents, have recently become all too familiar shadows skirting the edges of daily life.

Anyone with knowledge about the suspects' identities or the theft is encouraged to reach out to the appropriate authorities. The contact information can be found on Constable Mark Herman's official Facebook page.