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Published on June 02, 2024
Sergeant Brad Kenney Retires After 23 Years with Lewisville Police DepartmentSource: Lewisville Police Department

After more than two decades of public service, Sergeant Brad Kenney has hung up his badge. The well-respected police officer called it quits on May 31st, retiring from the Lewisville Police Department after 23 years of duty. Kenney, who left as the Property Crimes Sergeant, is set to swap his uniform for some well-earned quality time with family and exploring new horizons abroad.

A rotation marked Kenney's tenure at LPD through several divisions, his final stint being at the helm of property crime investigations. Surrounded by family and colleagues who gathered to send him off, this veteran officer, flanked by his loved ones, was held in high regard by his peers. In a post brimming with affection, the Lewisville Police Department shared, "Sergeant Kenney was flanked by his loving family and surrounded by members of LPD who came to wish him well."

Known for his commitment to the community, Kenney's retirement leaves behind a record of dedication seldom matched. Colleagues and citizens alike express their respect for the sergeant’s tenure, highlighting his unwavering resolve to serve and protect. Kenney's professional journey underscored a spirit of service that has not only defined his career but also inspired many in his wake.

Now, looking ahead, Kenney has set his sights on new adventures. Traveling the world and spending more time with his grandkids are at the top of his list, a well-deserved change of pace for the long-serving officer. The Lewisville Police Department concluded with poignant simplicity, "Good luck Brad, we will miss you. Congratulations on your retirement." With such words, Kenney steps away from his badge, yet his legacy at the Lewisville Police Department is poised to linger, cast in the mold of the service and integrity he championed.