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Published on June 20, 2024
Southborough Community on Alert After Daytime Break-In, Police Seek Three SuspectsSource: Facebook/Southborough Police Department

Southborough residents are on high alert following a daring daytime break-in on Mt. Vickery Road. Police are hunting for three suspects who entered an occupied home through an unlocked window last night. According to the Southborough Police Department's Facebook page, the break-in occurred at approximately 1:12 p.m., and interior security footage captured three possibly Caucasian or Hispanic males, all wearing face coverings and gloves.

The footage further revealed that two of the males were wearing reflective vests, sparking theories that they may have been masquerading as solicitors or landscapers to avoid suspicion. Despite the clear intrusion, homeowners have reported no missing items. Yet, the Southborough detectives are appealing to the public for assistance, requesting anyone with information to come forward, with a special emphasis on those who may have seen individuals dressed similarly in the area.

In their ongoing investigation , the Southborough Police have made a direct appeal to the community for assistance. "If you have any information that could assist with this investigation," the department urged in their online statement. They provided specific email contacts at [email protected] and [email protected] for tips to be directed.

The suspects' decision to target an occupied home in broad daylight is particularly troubling for the otherwise quiet community. Local authorities have not released additional details about the suspects at this time. However, they emphasize the importance of community vigilance and the role residents can play in aiding law enforcement. They remind homeowners to ensure that all potential points of entry are secured and to report any suspicious activity without delay.