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Published on June 13, 2024
Sports Stars Jason and Travis Kelce Become Largest Stakeholders in Ohio's Garage Beer CompanySource: Instagram/drinkgaragebeer

Ohio-based Garage Beer Company has found its new key investors in sports luminaries, the Kelce brothers. Former Eagles center Jason, recently retired, and Travis, Kansas City Chiefs tight end, are betting their business acumen aligns as effectively as their on-field talent. As reported by PhillyVoice, the Kelces' investment makes them the largest stakeholders in the light beer enterprise that has made its way into the Philadelphia market.

"People crave quality and simplicity, and Garage Beer nails both for me," Jason Kelce stated in a declaration, as he shared with 6abc. His enthusiasm for the brand, he asserts, aligns with his personal lifestyle, suggesting that the enjoyment of a good light beer serves as an excuse to convene with friends and neighbors. Garage Beer's current distribution, spanning across states including Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan, is poised for significant growth this year.

Their investment aims to extend beyond financial involvement, embracing a hands-on approach to business operations. "It comes down to quality for me," Travis Kelce expressed to 6abc. His affinity for light beer is evident as he looks forward to contributing heavily to the creation of what he believes is the finest light beer available.

Captivatingly, the announcement of this venture was delivered through their podcast "New Heights." According to Sports Business Journal, Andy Sauer, Garage Beer co-owner, regards the brothers as a perfect fit for the brand, owing to their genuine passion for light beers. Inspired by Jason's creative acumen, he spent the morning brainstorming and communicating with fans about the product. "Jason is an idea machine... He called today with three ideas, and we're going to now go shoot one in the next couple of weeks," said Sauer. Jason's celebrity and ideas are about to mix at a bartending event at the Ocean Drive in Sea Isle, where fans might get the early benefit of experiencing Garage Beer at the promised New Heights Beer Bowl.