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Published on June 13, 2024
VIDEO: Stranded Paddle Boarder Rescued from Lake Berryessa by CHP Air Operations CrewSource: CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations

A paddle boarder who found themselves in distress at Lake Berryessa was safely rescued thanks to the quick action of the CHP-Golden Gate Division Air Operations. The situation unfolded when the person, last seen paddleboarding on the lake, was reported missing. In response, the crew aboard Helicopter H-30 launched a search operation at the request of the Napa County Sheriff's Office.

It wasn't long before the H-30 crew spotted a paddle board adrift about half a mile from the shoreline. As they drew closer, they discovered the missing individual clinging to the board. High winds had rendered the party unable to safely make their way back to land. In a swift maneuver, the crew successfully hoisted the stranded paddle boarder from the choppy waters, bringing them to safety on the shore, where friends and a deputy were anxiously waiting.

The CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations detailed the rescue in a social media post, which included footage of the harrowing rescue. "H-30 hoisted the uninjured party from the water and delivered her to the shore where her friends and a deputy were waiting," the post recounted. The post confirmed that the individual was not injured during the ordeal.

This latest incident at Lake Berryessa underscores the potential dangers of watersports, especially when confronted with unpredictable weather conditions. It also serves as a critical reminder for individuals to always remain vigilant and to prepare adequately before venturing out onto the water. Thanks to the skilled response of the H-30 crew, what could easily have turned to tragedy instead became a testament to the effectiveness of rapid emergency response strategies.