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Published on June 20, 2024
Suspect Apprehended After Multi-County Vehicle Chase and Exchange of Gunfire With North Carolina DeputiesSource: Google Street View

A high-speed pursuit spanning multiple counties concluded with the arrest of a man accused of firing shots at deputies, reports WBTV. The chase, involving a stolen vehicle identified during a routine check by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at a taco truck site, escalated into a dangerous chase and subsequent shootout.

The suspect, identified as Jeremy Huffman, was accompanied by a woman, who was also taken into custody following the Wednesday afternoon incident. Depicting the gravity of the situation, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office highlighted that Huffman was considered to be "armed and dangerous" throughout the ordeal. By 3:15 p.m., deputies attempted to intercept the stolen vehicle at Highways 18 and 10 in Lincoln County, which led to pursuits towards Polkville Road and West Dixon Boulevard in Shelby.

According to MyFOX8, during the chase, Huffman reportedly fired shots at deputies and dangerously, at a school bus. The chaos ensued after deputies ran the plate on the stolen vehicle and approached it when Huffman decided to flee the scene, prompting the multi-county chase into Cleveland County.

After a manhunt that stretched into the next day, Huffman was apprehended at a Days Inn in Shelby, as reported by WCNC Charlotte. There were no injuries reported among the officers involved in the high-tension incident. The swift capture underscores the concerned efforts of local law enforcement to contain a potentially lethal situation orchestrated by a suspect who exhibited a clear disregard for public safety.