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Published on June 19, 2024
Tae Kwon Do Instructors Thwart Sexual Assault in Progress in Houston, Suspect Charged with Multiple OffensesSource: X/Ed Gonzalez

It was an ordinary day transformed into a moment of extraordinary heroism when instructors from the Yong-In Tae Kwon Do dojo intervened to thwart a sexual assault in progress. The scenario unfolded in the 6800 block of Fry Road, prompting a response from District 4 deputies. Their investigation concluded with a male assailant, later identified as Alex Robinson, subdued and pinned by the Tae Kwon Do instructors.

According to official reports on X, the commotion arose from next door to the dojo. The martial arts experts, upon hearing cries for help, didn't hesitate. Courageously, they made their way to the source, arriving at a harrowing scene. A male was witnessed in the act of sexually assaulting a female. With precision and controlled urgency, the instructors separated the assailant from his victim. When the attacker turned his aggression onto the rescuers, their martial arts discipline shined through, incapacitating him until law enforcement's arrival.

Robinson now faces charges of attempted sexual assault and unlawful detention on behalf of the survivor, as well as assault charges for his attack on the good Samaritans. In the face of a violent breach of human sanctity, it was the quick action and selflessness of the Yong-In Tae Kwon Do instructors that brought the ordeal to a swift and just conclusion.

Community gratitude was palpable, as reflected in the Sheriff’s Office's commendation. "Thank you to the Yong-In dojo for your quick action in protecting others," stated a post from the official account. The instructors, through their bravery and skill, turned what could have been a tragic narrative into a tale of community and strength.