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Published on June 19, 2024
Veteran Lawman Captain Richard Cheechov Takes Reigns as Coastside Patrol Bureau Chief in Half Moon BaySource: San Mateo County Sheriff

Half Moon Bay has a new sheriff in town, or rather, a new captain at the helm of the Coastside Patrol Bureau. San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus revealed in a recent press release that Captain Richard Cheechov will immediately assume the role of overseeing the Bureau, additionally serving as the Chief of Police Services for the City of Half Moon. Captain Cheechov, a law-enforcement veteran of 24 years, has been working behind the scenes to ensure a seamless transition along the coast.

"Captain Cheechov is no stranger to the coast. His deep roots, knowledge and experience serving our coastside communities is evidenced by multiple high-profile arrests that have taken place on the coast just over the last couple weeks," Sheriff Corpus praised, as per the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office. She also encouraged the locals to extend a warm welcome to him. Captain Cheechov's career has not been without variety, as he has served on the Major Accident Investigations Team and the Motorcycle Unit and has previously managed the Sheriff’s Office Training Unit.

The captain has demonstrated his ability to lead in various capacities throughout his career, notably spearheading new initiatives at the Maple Street Correctional Center. Capturing the essence of an engaged law enforcement officer, Captain Cheechov has emphasized community as a top priority, aiming to enhance safety and foster strong partnerships between the department and the public. "I'm truly honored Sheriff Corpus has entrusted me to serve as the Captain of the Coastside Patrol Bureau. It is a full circle moment to be back serving the communities where I began my law enforcement career nearly 24 years ago," Captain Cheechov shared with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office.

Known for his attentive listening skills, Captain Cheechov is set to prioritize the needs of the community, vowing to amplify the Bureau's connection with local residents. In capturing the commitment to public service, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office notes that Cheechov's leadership will be bolstered by "a highly motived and extremely dedicated group of deputies and professional staff who are both personally and professional invested in the community." With a focus on collaborative approaches to law enforcement, his vision for the Coastal Patrol Bureau is one of unity and public safety, recognizing the inherent linkage between community trust and effective policing.