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Published on June 19, 2024
Weather Channel Anchor Compares Texas Gulf Tropical Cyclone's Scale to Spurs Star Wembanyama's WingspanSource: Unsplash/ Liv Bruce

During a recent broadcast, an anchor gave viewers a unique perspective on the size of a potential tropical cyclone by likening its expanse to the wingspan of San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama. "This huge system has such a huge wingspan. It reminded me of an NBA player - you know, Victor Wembanyama," she said. "His wingspan is eight feet! Could you imagine having a wingspan that big? Well, that's what this system does," she elaborated during the broadcast as reported by KENS 5.

Simultaneously, the National Hurricane Center is closely tracking the system as it gains momentum, with warnings about the severe weather it could unleash along the coast. Potential Tropical Cyclone One, as it has been designated, is forecasted to deliver heavy rainfall that could surpass 10 inches in parts of the lower to middle Texas coast come Wednesday. In response, social media has picked up on the storm's nickname, with Mike Jiménez sharing a video on X, and amusingly observing, "The Weather Channel just called it the 'Wembanyama' of storms!" as mentioned by MySA.

The juxtaposition of sports and weather isn't new, but this particular comparison underscores the incredible physical attributes of Wembanyama and the massive scale of the weather system in question. Wembanyama, the 2024 NBA Rookie of the Year, stood out in his debut season averaging 21.4 points and leading with 3.6 blocked shots per game. His contributions on the court are indeed as impactful as the anticipated effects of the looming tropical cyclone on the environment.

"What's for sure is I'm not even close from being at my best. I don't see my progression stopping anytime soon. So, it's good, good for confidence and, you know, there's a lot to correct, a lot to adjust," Wembanyama said last season, in a statement akin to the unpredictable nature of the tropical cyclone development that residents are monitoring, as per KENS 5.