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Published on June 12, 2024
Windsor Cyclist Critically Injured in Hit-and-Run, Suspect in CustodySource: Windsor Police Department

In a tragic incident on the night of June 10th, a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle in Windsor, California, the driver of which purportedly fled the scene. The collision, which occurred near Windsor Road and Vintage Greens Drive at around 11:00 p.m., was responded to by Windsor deputies and emergency medical personnel, who discovered the injured bicyclist, an adult male, by the side of the road. Due to the grievous nature of his wounds, which included severe injuries to his head, arms, and legs – the cyclist's current condition is reported to be critical, according to the Town of Windsor Police Department.

The victim, who was riding southbound on Windsor Road, was struck from behind and was unable to describe the vehicle involved. His identity has not been disclosed, as his family has yet to be informed. Investigators at the scene collected several vehicle parts that were scattered nearby. These fragments, pivotal in piecing together the hit-and-run puzzle, were identified as belonging to a silver Chevrolet HHR, thus providing a significant clue in an otherwise grim scene, ascertaining, the vehicle's involvement.

Less than 12 hours later, the dedicated Traffic Investigator of the Windsor Police Department found a matching silver Chevrolet HHR during a canvass of the area. Found parked outside a residence on the 3900 block of Mark West Station Road, the vehicle exhibited a broken windshield and discernible front-end damage. Erica Mejia-Macias, a 31-year-old Windsor resident and the car's registered owner, was found at the residence and was cooperative with law enforcement, as per the information provided on the official Facebook page of Windsor PD.

Following an investigation and based on the statements given by Mejia-Macias, she was taken into custody on felony and misdemeanor charges, including Felony Hit and Run leading to Death and Injury and driving without a license. She was booked into Sonoma County Jail, with the specifics of her charges reported as:

  • 20001(a) VC – Hit and Run: Death/Injury
  • 12500(a) VC – Drive W/O License

This ongoing investigation may still be bolstered by information from potential witnesses. Hence, the Windsor Police Department encourages anyone with knowledge regarding the incident to reach out and contact them at 707-565-2121. The implications of such incidents remind the community of the fragility of life and the weighty responsibility carried by all who take the wheel.