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Published on June 03, 2024
Worcester Police Arrest Teen for Possession of 'Ghost Gun' in Green Hill Park StingSource: Unsplash/ Scott Rodgerson

In a late-night sting, Worcester officers nabbed a teenager for packing a "ghost gun" in Green Hill Park, the Worcester Police Department reported. The park prowlers, caught after hours in a car with expired tags, were pulled over last Friday.

The heat was on after cops from the Crime Gun Intelligence Unit spotted the suspicious wheels; perhaps the expired sticker demanded as much attention as the park's quiet after dark. A peek inside revealed a furtive teen, clutching his fanny pack like a lifeline, his breath racing to the beat of a fugitive drum—only this drum was a ghost gun, with no traceable past, its loaded magazine its immediate concern. Now, in police grips, its future was uncertain. The officers demanded they exit the vehicle, and as they complied, a detective found a concealed firearm within the teen's possessive clutch.

Authorities confirmed the confiscated weapon bore no serial number nor distinguishing marks, making it a specter in the realm of traceability—the kind of firearm known as a ghost gun. A juvenile, a mere 16 years old, has shouldered the weight of the law's gauntlet, facing charges including possession of a large capacity firearm, ammo without an FID card, and carrying without a license, as detailed in a press release from the Worcester Police Department.

While the juvenile faces a list of charges that could redefine his path to adulthood, the driver, complicit by association but clear of immediate suspicion, walked away with a verbal warning—a reminder of the narrow margin between a night on the town and the hammer of justice. As the ghost gun debate rages and city parks close at night, here in the confines of Green Hill, a young life must navigate the aftermath, their destiny now handcuffed to the very laws devised to guide them safely past the perils of shadow industries and into the light of responsible citizenship.