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Published on June 21, 2024
Wylie Police Department Strengthens Community Ties with UNIDOS Meeting for Spanish-Speaking ResidentsSource: Wylie Police Department

The Wylie Police Department is reaching out to their Spanish-speaking community members in a gesture that speaks to efforts of inclusion and engagement. A recent Facebook post from the Wylie Police Department shared highlights from their summer outreach activities, including engaging school visits at R.V. Groves Elementary School and an admittedly charming moment of Officer McIntosh sipping lemonade. In their snapshot of summer activities, the department also mentioned Officer Miller and Officer Zamora's participation at the Red Door Dance Academy, signifying a warmth that police participation can bring to community events.


The department’s efforts to build bridges don't end here. They have announced the scheduling of their quarterly UNIDOS meeting, slated for July 10th at Birmingham Elementary. The gathering is set as a Spanish-only affair, an important distinction that underscores a commitment to access and inclusion by the department. "Our next event is our quarterly UNIDOS meeting, held entirely in Spanish, at Birmingham Elementary", as detailed in the Facebook post from the Wylie Police Department. This event marks a clear attempt to foster dialogue and understanding within the Spanish-speaking populace of the community.

Such initiatives are reflective of broader trends in community policing, where departments are actively seeking to dissolve barriers that may hinder relationships with the communities they serve. The UNIDOS program itself, which is designed specifically for Spanish-speaking residents, aims to provide a comfortable platform for discussions on safety, resources, and community concerns. It's an environment that promises direct communication, and possibly more importantly, a sense of being heard and understood in a language that resonates with identity and culture.