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Published on July 10, 2024
Autopsy Reveals Charlotte Gunman Shot 12 Times by Police, Had THC in SystemSource: Google Street View

Further details have emerged regarding Terry Clark Hughes Jr., the man responsible for the deadliest assault on law enforcement in Charlotte since 2016. The 39-year-old gunman's confrontation with officers, which resulted in the tragic loss of four law enforcement lives, ended in a hail of gunfire leaving Hughes with multiple wounds.

The state's autopsy and toxicology reports, accessed by ABC News, revealed Hughes was struck by 12 bullets in both his upper and lower body and had THC, the key psychoactive compound in marijuana, in his system. Notably, substances like alcohol were not detected. The shootout unfolded as officers attempted to serve an arrest warrant in an east Charlotte neighborhood on April 29, and extended into a standoff that culminated with Hughes leaping from a second-story window where he was fatally shot in front yard. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have confirmed that at least 12 officers discharged their weapons during the standoff, clearing the ambiguity earlier surrounding the possibility of a second shooter.

Contrary contrasts in report details from different outlets hint at variance in the information surrounding the shooting. While initial numbers by Queen City News suggested that Hughes suffered from ten gunshot wounds with the examiner recovering nine bullets, further examination into the medical examiner's findings by WCNC Charlotte described the number of bullet wounds as twelve. The reports across the sources agree on the presence of THC in Hughes' system at the time of the fatal altercation.

Throughout the chaotic event's unfolding, two females were also present in the home, yet they played no role in the exchange of gunfire, as confirmed by police. Deputy Chief Tonya Arrington of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department laid to rest any ongoing speculation regarding the involvement of an alleged second shooter, clarifying in a May 31 news conference that “Hughes was the sole gunman in the attack," as obtained by ABC News.