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Published on July 10, 2024
Flintstone House Sushi Pop-Up in Hillsborough Put on Hold Over Zoning IssuesSource: Google Street View

The culinary curiosity that was to manifest itself as a Flintstone-themed sushi pop-up at Hillsborough's unmistakable 'Flintstone House' has been nixed, at least for now. Stoneage Omakase, positioned as a catering endeavor rather than a full-blown restaurant, had envisioned $230 omakase dinners prepared by Masa Sasaki, a chef with Michelin-star acclaim. However, as reported by The San Francisco Standard, tickets for the sold-out affair have become souvenirs of what could have been, with concerns from the city officials leading to a halt in operations.

In what vaguely resembles a modern Stone Age setback, the Hillsborough Police Department informed Florence Fang, the Flintstone House owner, of the potential illegality. Leaning on zoning ordinances designed to sustain the "character and charm" of the residential area, the pop-up was promptly upended. Fans of the iconic home and high-end sushi had been thrilled, with reservations being scooped up in under a minute, The San Francisco Standard notes.

While Stoneage has expressed motivation to clear up the "misunderstanding," citing their misclassification as a restaurant, town officials remain resolute. Town Manager Doug Davis explained, as per The San Francisco Chronicle, "The main goal is to allow people to do what they want to do in their own homes without disturbing other people in their own homes." The intricacies of the legalities revolve around the event's size and nature, with catered events such as weddings not always requiring permits in sharp contrast to fundraisers that do.

Pertinent discussions on the legality of using the Flintstone House for commercial purposes aren't novel. Previously, in 2019, Hillsborough challenged Fang's decorative add-ons of dinosaur sculptures and a "Yabba Dabba Doo" sign. While settled, the initial suit by the town cited these as a "highly visible eyesore" out of step with local standards, a battle that seems to reincarnate itself with the latest event, The San Francisco Chronicle detailed.