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Published on July 08, 2024
New Entertainment Venue to Rock Portland's Lloyd Center at Former Nordstrom SiteSource: Google Street View

Portland's Lloyd Center may soon echo with the sounds of rock bands and comedy acts, as plans for a new entertainment venue emerge. Mike Quinn, the founder of Monqui Presents, is set to revitalize the city's music scene by partnering with Anschutz Entertainment Group's Denver office to develop a versatile venue; where the former Nordstrom once stood. The venture, while still under the veil of planning, is expected to breathe new life into the area. Quinn, while choosing not to disclose the project costs, anticipates about a year and a half of construction time before its prospective opening.

In an interview last Friday with the Portland Business Journal, Quinn revealed that the search for the perfect location included around seven or eight sites before settling on Lloyd Center. The venue aims to boast a 68,000-square-foot space with a flexible capacity ranging from 2,000 to 4,200, complete with a movable stage, and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. Quinn's vision encompasses a wide array of event possibilities, “All genres. We'll be able to get loud in there, so rock bands, EDM (electronic-dance music), comedy. All kinds of stuff," he detailed.

The ambition driving the project reflects a keen understanding of the local cultural milieu and, the needs of Portland's vibrant music scene. "These plans have been pretty well vetted," Quinn said, communicating a sense of surety about the venture's foundation and prospects as he spoke with Portland Business Journal. This initiative appears poised to fill a long-recognized void in the city's entertainment offerings, providing a scalable space for a diverse range of performances.

Despite the progress and details shared, Quinn refrained from naming any specific acts he hopes to see take the stage, with the exception of expressing a wish to maybe host a couple Jack White shows. The venue is projected to open its doors early-to-mid 2026, according to Quinn's statements, made in an edited conversation for brevity and clarity with the Business Journal. With its central location and significant footprint, the former Nordstrom building at Lloyd Center could soon become Portland's latest hub for live entertainment — assuming all goes according to plan, as reported by KGW.